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A cappella Hip-Hop R&B

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HI! We are the Sunrise ? Band from Philippines. Our band has 3 members(2+1). Anthony on Guitar,Billy on Bass and Sugar on Vocals.We have wide repoitore,variety of music! It means we play jazz,pop,ballad,oldies and goodies,swing,latin, rnb,alternative,acoustic and rock.The wide repoitore of the Band is an advantage of playing in different venues and occasions. Our band can also play some of Japanese Songs,Korean Songs,Chinese Songs, and Vietnamese Songs.Watch,listen, enjoy!


The band was formed of 3 talented and professionals musicians from Philippines.ANTHONY the guitarist,at the very young age he knew that he has call for being in the line of music.He started playing guitar as hobby, then eventually fall as being his profession.Then later go travelling abroad, to play in some hotels,resorts and bars in Asia. BILLY the bass guitarist, was first an audience in a bar watching some remarkable Filipino Artist back in the 80's and 90's.He is a music fanatic,he loves watching and spending his night and money just to watch a live bAnd.Due to his consistent presence in the place and looks, the band recognized him,became friends, and later ask him to join the band.Then later he became the bass guitarist of a well know recording band in Philippines (ROCKSTAR BAND). Then later he decided to went abroad to experience the different places by music. SUGAR the lead vocals.She was a recognized by her parents, as a potential singer even before she can speak.Her family, from her ancestors are said that has natural gift from music.She started joining some music competitions at young age.After later years, in the music scene,she was recognized as "The Lady Elvis of the Philippines" in 2012 and was also one of "Tina Turner's Impersonator". She traveled abroad at 18 for doing her passion.,and reached different places in Asia. She embrace the different kinds of genre, and keep the songs she learned from places and times.The 3 of them met in a gig, then decided to play as group and share each other's personalities and music influences.

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Speaks English Yes
Speaks Vietnamese No
Number of members 3
Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Prepared to travel 1800 km
Plays amplified Yes
Can play songs requested upfront Yes
Can play songs requested on stage Yes
Can play English songs Yes
Can play Vietnamese songs No

Examples of songs

Vietnamese Bay Anh cu didi Uoc ghi Anh muong em song sao

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