Identifying and providing the best performing artist that suits your event is our key responsibilities, contracts and negotiation is also part of the services we offer, we believe that working with every party will help us in creating the best show that is suitable for the experience at the event.

The live performance happens at your event center, your company, or association, these are real-life events that have great moments and entertainment, for the contractual time, you will have the performing artist at such event, and the goal of the artist will be to give a lifetime experience to your audience, families, and team.

We Provide bookings for live shows and events, for individual artists and groups and we also supervising our artist with experienced artist manager that helps guiding all aspect of their careers, giving them the needed legal advice and guide on their professional career and making sure they make decisions that will bring them to reach their goals the music business industry.

We have experts working with event management teams, focusing on finding the right performing artists and experts working with talents focusing on finding the suitable event for our artists at every step and moment of their career.

What services can offer

  • Artist buyer: Identifying appropriate performing artists and bands for your venue suitable for your events.
  • Booking talent, including artists, musicians, and performers for your events.
  • Creating a group of artistic performances for the event.
  • Designing and executing a proper marketing and promotion strategy for the event
  • Coordinate, organize, and manage your event
  • Content creation that builds your artistic profile.
  • Designing and executing a marketing plan that gives quality exposure.
  • Help you set up musical goals and reach them.
  • We help Plan your career for success.
  • Help you find your audience and create a strong fan base.
  • Find suitable gigs that will get you to your goals.
  • Music release management: help you schedule and plan the publishing of your music.
  • Contacting blogs and commercials
  • Networking with labels
  • Working with playlist curators
  • Networking with YouTube promo channels
  • Creating huge support from your audience and fan base through games, lucky draw, exclusive content game

If you need any help, ask us. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our talent or the booking process. Our booking agents can help you bring top talent to audiences for commercial or private events.

The process: (For venue owners)

Our agent will be monitoring your event as the date approaches, ready and willing to step in when needed. Ensuring the success of your event is our highest priority.