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What is Artist.vn?

"Artist.vn is an upcoming network of music professionals based in Vietnam that connects performing artists of all types with artist-seekers and new job opportunities. We provide professional services to clients and musicians wishing to hire and be hired for live music events and contracts."

Who we are?

We’re a passionate team of Artists, technology professionals and culture lovers based in Vietnam.

We have experts working with venues focusing on finding the right artists, and experts working with talents focusing on finding the good match for our artist at this moment of their career.

How does Artist.vn work for artists and performers?

Clients contact us to request an artist/performer for their events or contract work, we match the request with our network of musicians and contact them via phone number or messenger with the booking opportunity. The artist/performer will receive a link for him to review further details and apply for the opportunity.

Joining the Artist.vn Network is totally FREE.


The mission of Artist.vn is simple: connect the world’s Artists to make them more productive, creative, and successful. We specially designed our services and tools to help you get more fans, more gigs, and more money.

We have a dedicated team that listens and curates thousands of songs every week, connecting the right artists to the right opportunities.

How we operate:

Let’s start with a pipeline

In order to start the process, we’ll need to create a Pipeline of deal stages (or steps) that a gig booking goes through from initial contact to final booking. For a gig booking, you can summarize the booking pipeline like this:

- A contact connects with you via email, personal connection from a gig, referral from a friend, website form submission

- You exchange messages about the gig (dates, times, venues)

- You agree to a fee

- You forward a contract/MOU

- You confirm the gig 

How to get referred on artist.vn’s network portfolio?

Go on our “sign up an artist” section from our website and fill up the registration form with general information about yourself and your performances capacities. One of our artist agent will then contact you to confirm your profile authenticity and validate your account création.

How long does it take to be listed on Artist.vn portfolio?

An agent will contact you to confirm your provided information within 48 hours following your registration on our website. 

If you have been sent an invitation link to quote for a client booking request review will usually take place within 24 hours. If not generally the process can take up to 7 days.

What information do you require?

The Artist.vn Network and  sign-up requires the following details in order to add you to our network and website:

General: Your name, contact email address and your band/stage name

Musicians: How many musicians in your performance, the vocal options and the instruments used as well as a description of your performance, title of the performed songs.

Media: Online link to your performance videos and image for your profile

Music: The type of music you perform (covers, originals), the styles of music you perform and which of those is your primary genre

Event: The types of events you perform or are willing to perform

Location: Where in Vietnam are you primarily based and where can you/do you wish to perform.

Agreement: Agreement with our terms and conditions 

Do I need to pay any money?

No payment is required. It is totally free to join the Artist.vn Network and portfolio as well as receiving booking opportunities directly on your mobile.

What types of musicians do you accept?

We have all types of musicians from Hip Hop to Jazz Swing and Heavy Metal and from solo musicians to full sized orchestras on our wide network!

Find below the list of music type our client are requesting:

#A Cappella, #Blues, #Christian, #Classical, #Country, #Dance, #Electronic, #Folk, #Funk, #Gospel, #Hip-Hop, #Rap, #Indie, #Jazz, #Latin, #Pop, #R&B, #Reggae, #Rock #Punk, #Celtic, #Lo-Fi, #Acoustic, #Opera, #Orchestra, #Other

What is the process to registrer an event as an organizer:

1) Your personal booking agent
First, you will be matched with an agent who specializes in the type of talent you are interested in booking, your particular type of event, or your target audience. Your agent will contact you to learn more details about your event.

2) Custom list of artists
Next, your agent will develop a personalized list of recommendations that meet your requirements. You will have access to our proprietary talent selection software to review your custom proposal, which will include booking fee range, travel requirements, talent background, and video clips to assist you with your selection.

Availability confirmation and firm offer

Once you have narrowed down your choices, your agent will confirm the talent's availability and work with you to submit a firm offer to the talent of your choice. During the firm offer phase, your agent works to negotiate the terms and services that are important to your organization.

Contract execution and logistics (optional)

When negotiations are completed and contracts are fully executed, you will work with a full-time logistics manager who will assist you with pre-event and on-site talent logistics management.

Our agent will be monitoring your event as the date approaches, ready and willing to step in when needed. Ensuring the success of your event is our highest priority

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